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Amit Levin

Global Crypto Investigator at Binance


Amit Levin is a Global Crypto Investigator at Binance from Israel. His skill set encompasses Financial Analysis, Criminal Investigations, Litigation, Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF), Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, International Law, Property Law, Tax Law, Anti-Money Laundering, Cryptocurrency, and Cyberlaw.

Before joining Binance, he worked for 9 years at the Israeli Ministry of Justice as a Prosecutor in the Cyber Unit. There, he also headed the Economics Department at the Cyber Unit State Attorney. His responsibilities included serving as a legal advisor and prosecutor for the NBCTF Financial Action Task Force and being a Ministry of Justice Consultant to both the Israeli police and tax authorities on criminal task forces at Lahav 433. Furthermore, he lectured on organized crime related to crypto investigations, seizures, and locations, and consulted tax authorities on income derived from virtual coins.

Amit has extensive courtroom experience, particularly in litigating Money Laundering cases that involve cryptocurrencies. He is adept at interrogating expert witnesses on the stand and using blockchain research tools like Chainalysis during litigation. His prosecutorial experience spans across various domains, including Income Tax, Money Laundering, and Violence and Sex Abuse cases.