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Larry Cameron

Founder at Paradigm Intelligence


Larry Cameron is a highly accomplished cybersecurity and forensics expert with an extensive background in combating human trafficking and child exploitation. As the Chief Information Security Officer at the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, he leads the Blockchain Forensics Team and serves as an Open-Source Intelligence Analyst for the National Child Protection Task Force. Additionally, Larry holds the position of Head of Cyber Security at the Cyber Rights Organization and is a Trainer for InterPol, where he is also a member of the Human Trafficking Expert Group (HTEG).

As a Professor of Computer Forensics and Cloud Security programs at St. Lawrence College, Larry imparts his expertise to the next generation of professionals. Throughout his career, he has provided training to the FBI Counter Terrorism, Child Exploitation, and Human Trafficking Task Forces, as well as to over 1,000 law enforcement agencies. These include the Department of Homeland Security (NTC, HSI, CBP), ATF, USSS, USMS, IRS, DIA, DoD, NCIS, Army CID, BorderPol, EuroPol, RCMP, and various other organizations across North America and internationally.

Currently, Larry is developing training materials for more than 5,400 agencies that constitute the 61 Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces, further demonstrating his commitment to the cause and the profound impact of his work.