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Michael Roberts

Private Investigator & Founder: Rexxfield Cybercrime Investigation Services / PICDO, Inc. “Public International Cybercrime Disruption Organisation”


Michael Roberts, a seasoned and well-respected professional in the field of digital forensics and cybersecurity, began his journey in Australia, where, in the mid-80s, he was recruited as the youngest investigator with the Australian Telecommunications commission. Subsequently, he has worked as a licensed private investigator in Australia, The United States and now Europe where he has settled.

Throughout his career, Michael collaborated with numerous law enforcement agencies globally, including the US Marshals, US Department of Homeland Security, US Federal Bureau of Investigations, and various police agencies from Switzerland to Australia. His expertise proved invaluable in criminal investigations, and led to convictions, particularly in identifying anonymous internet users and assisting in arrests and convictions. Michael’s work has also proven the innocence, and release from jail, of falsely accused cyber criminals, in three separate cases.

In 2003, Michael founded, an IT security training company that quickly became a benchmark in the industry. Mile2 provided top-notch counter-hacking and digital forensic certifications, gaining the attention of the US Air Force, United Nations personnel, the Australian Defense Force Signals Directorate, and numerous state and federal law enforcement agencies. Under Michael’s leadership, Mile2 was awarded prestigious contracts and played a significant role in the training of various military and law enforcement personnel.

After selling Mile2 in 2008, Michael shifted his focus to Rexxfield, a digital forensics investigation business unit that further solidified his status as an industry leader. His experience in identifying internet users engaging in illegal online activities grew extensively during this time.

Michael also founded Picdo, Inc., a US 501(c)(3) charity with the mission to reduce the burden on government by teaching law enforcement agents best practices in cybercrime investigations. In keeping with one of the objectives of this forum, through his work with Rexxfield and Picdo, Michael hopes to significantly disrupt criminal cybercrime operations around the globe.

Over the years, Michael has appeared as an expert witness in civil litigation cases and as a general witness in criminal cases in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. His extensive experience in unmasking bad actors using communication technologies to commit crimes has made him an indispensable resource in the field of digital forensics and cybersecurity.

Michael hopes to meet other like minded people at the forum who shares his passion for cybercrime disruption, and anti-trafficking syndicates that are financed through crypto crime proceeds.