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Stanoje Rnić

President of Archibald


Stanoje Rnic, is a Belgrade-based criminalist with an entrepreneurial mindset and strong business acumen. Ever since the early childhood he has been passionate about computers and gaming. At the age of 11 he launched his first business in gaming industry.
He was born in Belgrade, then the capital of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, amidst the Yugoslav wars.

Stanoje is the founder of the first international Blockchain Forensics Forum in Southeast Europe. Additionally, he is the founder and president of NGO Archibald, the leading initiative for digital forensics in Serbia.

His expertise grew through work with the biggest names and companies in the industry and through collaboration with the FBI and HSI, providing training and expanding skills for cybercrime combating experts in Southeast Europe, a crucial endeavor in today’s digital era.

He graduated from the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies in Belgrade, the leading higher education institution for forensics studies in the Balkans.

His internships at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia enhanced his forensic and law enforcement skills.

Stanoje consistently endeavors to share his knowledge, experience, and ideas with others selflessly, valuing diligence, honesty, and ambition in those around him.