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Vladimir Vujić

Head of Service for Combatting Cybercrime at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Republic of Serbia


Vladimir Vujić is a seasoned professional in the field of cybercrime investigation with over two decades of dedicated service to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOI) of the Republic of Serbia. Born and raised in Belgrade, Graduated from Police Academy in Belgrade, Serbia, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Related Protective Services in 2001.

Vladimir’s professional journey started in December 2001, where he served as an Assistant of Commander in a Police Station for two years. This experience sparked his interest in border control, leading him to a six-year tenure as a Border Police Inspector from 2004 to 2010.

Among the many credentials to his name, Vujić is a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator from the Blockchain Intelligence Group, a testament to his expertise in navigating the complex world of digital currencies. He has also completed various courses focusing on cybersecurity, forensic investigation, and leadership, highlighting his well-rounded skills set.

In 2010, Vladimir made a significant career shift into the world of cybercrime, taking on the role of Cybercrime Investigator within the Cybercrime Department of MOI. For nine years, Vujić dedicated himself to investigating high-tech crimes, making substantial contributions to the fight against cybercriminals in Serbia.

Vladimir’s exceptional service and dedication to his field led to his appointment as Head of the Cybercrime Department in 2019, a role he holds to the present day. His leadership and proficiency have been instrumental in enhancing Serbia’s capacity to combat cybercrime.

Further cementing his expertise, Vladimir has an impressive list of certifications from globally recognized institutions. His areas of specialty, demonstrated by these certifications, range from understanding digital currencies and cryptocurrency related IP crime to advanced forensics using Linux and leadership training. This extensive training underscores Vladimir’s commitment to staying at the forefront of his field.

To summarize, Vladimir Vujić is a committed professional with a comprehensive background in law enforcement and cybersecurity. His extensive experience and qualifications demonstrate a deep understanding of digital threats and a strong commitment to public service.